The Wellspring Center

Our Practice

We help patients create a lifestyle that is consistent with life and longevity, without gimmicks and yo-yo-fads, that is shared by the world's healthiest, happiest and longest living populations. Our goal is to provide a lifestyle medicine protocol that is unique to you, evidence based, best practices, and one that gets results.


Sherry Clark, BA-Ed, RN, CHC

Sherry is an RN and a health and lifestyle coach who specializes in food sensitivities, autoimmunity, and gut health. She holds certification at the mastery level in the Transformational Coaching Method, which focuses on healing limiting beliefs and habits. Additionally, Sherry is a lifelong learner, continually studying the most current research, especially concerning mind/body health, gut health, food sensitivities, and autoimmunity.


Dr. Patrick Garrett, DC, Bsci, DACCN, DCBCN, DABFM, BCIM SFAAFM

Dr. Garrett has a successful practice specializing in reversing acute and chronic conditions naturally. His focus is on the triad of lifestyle medicine, functional medicine and clinical nutrition is one of the primary reasons that his services are sought out by clients all around the world.