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Functional Lifestyle Medicine Office Visits

The Wellspring Functional Lifestyle Medicine Protocol is a four part protocol that teaches patients to nourish, purify, and heal.

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Food Sensitivity Testing

Did you know that certain foods can make you feel unwell, regardless if they're healthy or not?

What are my food sensitivities?

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Hormone Testing

Testing hormones may help identify key underlying hormonal issues that prevent you from feeling great. It is vital to restore balance to your hormones through resilience and neuroplasticity practices rather than supplementing more hormones.  

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General Laboratory Testing

General and specific laboratory testing can be used to identify the function of your organs and identify underlying health issues, nutritional deficiencies, and potential risk factors. The clinic offers a wide array of laboratory testing.

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Why We Are Unique



What does it mean to truly nourish your mind and body?

True nourishment comes from creating a diet and lifestyle that is consistent with life and longevity without gimmicks or yo-yo fad diets. Sustainability is the key to creating balance, harmony, and happiness from your gut to your brain.



What does it mean to truly purify your mind and body?

Much of what we now eat, drink, breath, and rub on our skin is toxic and there is a metabolic price we pay. True purification is to identify toxic ingredients and thought patterns and to purge them out of our life, while strategically creating a diet and lifestyle that restores our balance.



What does it mean to truly heal your mind and body?

As America is one of the leading countries for anxiety and depression, it has been shown that 90% of our thoughts are negative. This negativity takes a toll on our mind and body. Fortunately, we can learn to rewire our brains for happiness. True healing comes from rewiring our negative thought patterns and food behaviors to those that bring us joy, hormonal balance, and inner peace.




“I have spent frustrating amount of time and money on traditional medicine, only to never get real answers. Dr G was able to find the root issues, and thought me how to easily shape my lifestyle. I was able to learn and understand my health and what works for my body. Not only is he extemely knowledgeable, but he takes his time with his patients and formulates his practice so his patients feel heard.” Jamie Farelly

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