“I just want to call attention to the selflessness and genuinely authentic desire to be of service”


“Dr. Patrick Garrett is invested in making a healthier community. For you, for me, for all of us, because of 4 special young women. He has been inspired by his four daughters and instead of becoming an ogre of overbearing protection, he decided to do things a different way. By providing information and knowledge and truth, by rising each time they challenge him, by meeting the moment with what it needs and not fearing vulnerability, but rather, diving right in. Because of his no fear approach, this event has been brewing for months and yesterday was the pilot event. There have been so many others involved and instrumental in making this event happen and I honor each of you, also. I just want to call attention to the selflessness and genuinely authentic desire to be of service, that I see in this man.
I’m so proud of you, Dr. G! This city needs this. Our daughters need men like you. The world needs this.”


“When I went to see Dr. G for the first time I was in a desperate place. I had lost 40 pounds and my body was not absorbing nutrients. But now three years later, after treating what I came to know was crohns wreaking havoc on my body, I am back to my normal body weight, have no more inflammation in my gut and am much healthier! This is thanks to God using Dr. G in my life to help me treat my crohns through food and lifestyle changes. I’m so thankful to be off all medications and in a lot of ways have my life back.” Lacy Cooper


“I had embraced wholistic health practices prior to moving to Kansas in 2005. Thus, when I went to allopathic physicians in the area, I wasn’t impressed with the drug or cut recommendations. Being in my mid-60s now, I had a few symptoms that I wasn’t solving on my own. I went to Dr. Garrett at the beginning of 2019 and, while my “numbers” were OK, I wanted to know how to naturally address my symptoms. Within short order, Dr. Garrett taught me how to make tweaks to my lifestyle and how to take ‘therapeutic’ doses of specific vitamins to help me regain my young self again. I do these things daily and I’m good to go—even hiking up a mountain on vacation this year!” Jane Messing


“Dr Garrett is very Knowledgeable and compassionate. He has taught me so much. Since I have seen Dr Garrett, I haven’t been to my PCP for quite some time. There is hope for a pain free, happy, healthy life.” Julie B